RS232 serial output external converter to RS485/RS422


Serial converter and 232-485 of Comm5 technology-connected to a serial RS232 output energized, allows installation of Serial peripherals at a distance of up to 1,200 metres from the PC.

His project was developed and implemented with a focus on commercial and industrial automation market, possessing all control signals to a serial output RS485 or RS422 standard. Ideal for installation of doors without the need of opening the equipment.

-Converts 1 RS232 serial output for 1 serial output RS485/RS422
-RS232 serial Connection: 1 x Female DM09
-RS485/RS422 serial connection: 4 x terminals wire fasteners
-Distance: up to 1,200 meters
-RS485: TX RX TX RX (+) (-)
-RS422: (+) TX, RX, (+) (-) (-) TX RX
-Protection: over voltage and over current
-Speeds up to 115 kbps
Compatible with ModBus between other protocols.
-Operating temperature: -15° C to 75° C, humidity 90%, + 5V
-Not included in source (must be connected to a serial output energized)

-Security Central connection, multi meters and digital indicators of tension, terminals, etc.
-Building Automation
-Industrial Automation

1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Any operating system.

1 RS232 serial output external converter to RS485/RS422 without
1 installation CD