Visao – Automatic Data Collection from the Shop Floor


The secret to maintaining a competitive and profitable industry is producing, with quality, at the lowest cost possible production. In a globalized and competitive economy everyone has easy access to the selling price, both client and competitors, which makes it impossible to aggregate the unproductive costs to the price of the product.
Achieving this goal without real-time control of machines, operators and processes is virtually impossible.

Automatic Shop Floor Data Collection

What you can’t measure you can’t manage. -Peter Drucker

The automated production data collection eliminates the process of manually entering Work Order progress data into the enterprise management software (ERP), making real time data available lowering the administrative cost. Reliable and accurate information allows Visao to perform advanced functions in three main aspects: Process Automation, Online Monitoring and Integration.

Using sensors and instruments, the production data can become accurate knowledge base to identify improvement opportunities and the definition of measurable goals to achieve operational excellence on the factory floor.

Automatic production data collection and OEE allow a significant gain in productivity and reduction of costs in the industry


Productivity is never an accident. Is always the result of commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort. -Paul J. Meyer.

  • Opportunity to decrease costs.
  • Opportunity for optimization.
  • Reducing losses and downtime.
  • Planning of work orders with load-module machine

Automation of processes

In any company, information technology exerts powerful effects on the competitive advantage, both in cost and in differentiation. -Michael Porter

  • Capture, waste production, and other process variables.
  • Information captured directly from the machine or informed by the operator.
  • Appointment of optional manual processes.
  • Connection with instruments such as scales and others.
  • Connection with bar code readers.
  • Online monitoring for PCP and puppetmasters.
  • Robust integration with your management software (ERP), through a dedicated module, using technologies such as XML-RPC, CSV or XML Files, database, among others.
  • Native integration or certified with leading management software (ERP).
  • Reliability of information for decision-making.
  • C5 DNC for CNC programs integrated automation solution.

Online monitoring of processes and OEE

As it implements its strategy, the company needs to monitor the results and monitor new developments in internal and external environments. -Philip Kotler

  • Overview of all resources on the factory floor, whether operators or machines.
  • Opportunity to nimble, more corrective actions while the problem occurs.
  • Monitors current machine speed compared to planned, warning about deviations.
  • Notifies productive and unproductive stops for alerts, messages and Andon on the machine or remote.
  • Integration with the maintenance area allows rapid response to unforeseen stops.
  • Various reports are available to track performance and production.
  • Calculation of the OEE in real time and on periods, machines, groups of machines, or shifts.
  • Bookmarks allow you to set goals, to make the right decisions and motivate the team.

Corrective and preventive maintenance

The last major cause of loss of time are the gaps in the information. -Peter Drucker

  • Generates jammed due notification fails.
  • Industrial schedule with stops planned preventive maintenance.
  • Reports of MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) and MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) for proper planning of preventive maintenance and better use of resources.