10/100 Network drive module with 4 outputs, 4 inputs, 2 serial ports and coupled Display

COMM5 I/O module with 4 inputs and 4 outputs and display

For TCP/IP Network access control, the MA-2000-2 module of the COMM5 technology accompanies visual interface via display (4×20), 2 serial communication ports, 4 sensors and 4 electromechanical triggers.

All control of the module can be performed by browser or dedicated application. Easy operation eliminates the installation of drivers and support programs for your use.

This model already has a 4-line x 20-column display integrated into the product and is accompanied by DIN rail fitting.

-Network: Baset Ethernet 10/100
-Integrated Display: 4 lines X 20 columns
-Serial ports: Asynchronous RS232
-Serial Connection: 2 x DB9M
-Serial port speed up to 115kbps
-Relays: 4 Drive Relays
-Sensors: 4 inputs of single-drive sensors
-Protection: over voltage and over current
-Accompanies DIN rail fitting
-Power supply: 12v external source
-Operating Temperature:-15 ° C to 75 ° C, humidity 90%, + 5v

-Opening of Gates
-Lamp actuation
-Electrical and electronic equipment connection (TV, PCs and Motors in general)
-Sensor monitoring
-Triggering of contactors
-Track Control
-use of printer or barcode reader via serial port (TX/RX)
-Messages via display
The COMM5 technology TCP/IP network drive modules are integrated by the main access and security control software:


1 year warranty (only for manufacturing defects)

Win98, Win2000, Win ME, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, win 8 and Linux.

Package Contents
1 Network drive module with 4 outputs, 4 inputs, 2 serials and display
1 external 12v Source
1 Installation CD