Network I/O Module via 10/100 network with 8 outputs and 8 inputs and Serial 2 ports


The Network I/O Module via TCP/IP Comm5 network technology, model MA-5100-2, allows the activation and control of multiple tasks via TCP/IP network, such as opening doors and Windows, drive electrical equipment, lighting of lamps, etc.

All of these control options can be performed remotely over the internet using a computer or even a mobile device.

Through simple commands (set1/reset1) it is practical to trigger a relay or monitor a sensor. The product ships with plugin for DIN rail.

Led’s indicate the signal inputs/outputs that are with data traffic.

-Ethernet 10/100 BaseT Network
-8 drive relays dry contact
-Maximum contact load at 250vac and 30vac 5amp
-8 inputs configurable via DIP switch
-Entrance with protection, opto isolated
-Input allows working with dry contact sensors with local source
-Input allows working with PNP and NPN sensors
-Input allows working with voltage detection of 50V to 220V
-Control option of activation by disruption or Pulling
-Control Led’s
-2 serial Outputs (TX/RX) for use of printer, barcode reader, etc
-Power supply from 12V to 24V
-Configuration via browser

-Opening of gates
-Light bulbs
-Connection of consumer electronics equipment (TV, PCs and engines in General)
-Monitoring of sensors
-Drive contactors
-Control of mats

Drive modules via TCP/IP Comm5 Network Technology are integrated by the main access control software and security:

Módulos I/O Comm5 são homologados com Digifort, Seventh, D-Guard, Situator, Axxon, Bycon, Condlink, Tecvoz Integra, Domoticz, Moni e outros

1 year (against manufacturing defects)

Win98, Win2000, Win ME, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Linux.

Network I/O Module 1 (i/o) via TCP/IP network with 8 inputs and 8 outputs
1 external 12V Source
1 Cable Cross Over