Built-in USB converter for 2 serial RS232 outputs


The COMM5 technology 2s-usb-INT Converter was created for those who need to convert a USB output into a serial RS232 output and at the same time integrate the hardware into their enclosure, ensuring connectivity through the USB bus.

It has all the existing control signals in a serial port and is compatible with most serial peripherals in the commercial, industrial, banking, and other automation segments.

The 2s-usb-INT Converter allows you to install up to 2 RS232 serial outputs (COM port) via an internal USB port. Ideal for installation of fiscal printer, barcode readers, modens, pin pads, scales, among others.

-Converts 1 USB port (internal from Mother Board) into 2 RS232 serials
-Serial Connection: 2 x DB9 Male
-Has all serial signals available: TXD, Rxd, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCR and IR
-Speed up to 115 kbps
-Avoids conflicts (does not use hardware resources IRQ, i/o, DMA, etc)
-Auto power supply by USB port
-RS232 Distance: Up to 15 meters, depending on the communication speed
-protection against surge voltage of 10kv in serial
-Operating Temperature:-15 ° C to 75 ° C, humidity 90%, + 5v

-Connection to serial printers, modems, scales, barcode readers, pin pads, high-precision hospital equipment, safety centers, etc.
-Read and transfer data through serial console interface of CLPS, switches, servers, among others.

1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Windows, Windows CE, Windows, macOS, Linux and RT Android.

Product approved by leading manufacturers of printers and peripherals for business automation.

Package Contents
1 internal USB Converter for 2 serial RS232 outputs
1 Installation CD