USB Converter for 2 serial RS232 outputs

2s-USB COMM5 2 serial ports

Attentive to the control of all the signals available in a serial port on the peripherals of an automation, the COMM5 technology developed the 2s-USB converter, with compatibility that covers most of the serial peripherals of the commercial automation segments, Industrial and banking.

The 2s-USB converter allows you to install up to 2 RS232 serial outputs (COM port) on a PC or notebook via an available USB port, without the need to open the equipment.

Connectivity for fiscal printer, barcode readers, modens, pin pads, scales, among others.

Product homologated by leading manufacturers of tax printers and automation products.

-Converts 1 USB port into 2 RS232 serial outputs
-USB connection: 1 x USB A male
-Serial Connection: 2 x DB9 Male
-Has all serial signals available: TXD, Rxd, RTS, CTS, DTR, DSR, DCR and IR
-Speed up to 115 kbps
-Avoids conflicts (does not use hardware resources IRQ, i/o, DMA, etc)
-RS232 Distance: Up to 15 meters, depending on the communication speed
-protection against surge voltage of 10kv in serial
-FTDI Chipset
-Operating Temperature:-15 ° C to 75 ° C, humidity 90%, + 5v

-Connection to serial printers, modems, scales, barcode readers, pin pads, high-precision medical equipment, safety centers, etc.
-Read and transfer data through serial console interface of CLPS, switches, servers, among others.

1 year warranty against manufacturing defects

Windows, Windows CE, Windows, macOS, Linux and RT Android.

Package Contents
1 USB Converter for 2 serial RS232 outputs
1 Installation CD